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What is a carbon footprint?

From people to planes, everything has a carbon footprint associated with it. A carbon footprint is a convenient way of characterising the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of an individual, organisation or community. It is a simple way to understand the way things we do on a daily basis affects the environment. Sometime carbon footprint can also means a carbon lifecycle, which refers specifically to the amount of emissions something has throughout its entire existence: from manufacture, to daily use, to end of life and disposal.

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How Green Is Solar?

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Solar Panel Carbon Emissions

Sceptics and opponents of renewables will say that Solar energy isn't all it's cracked up to be. Whilst solar panels and solar electricity still have a carbon footprint, the size of this footprint is significantly less than the carbon footprint of the amount of fossil fuels you use to power your home currently. For example, solar only has 9-180 grams of CO2 emissions per KwH produced, compared to an average of 233 grams of CO2 produced from fossil fuels for the same KwH.

CO2 Reduction
Where Does the Carbon Come From?

The emissions involved with Solar panels almost solely come from the manufacturing process and not associated with its day-to-day operations. The carbon footprint associated with solar panels therefore consists of: creation of silicon for the solar cells requires the use of chemicals such as sodium hydroxide and hydrofluoric acid. Plus a lot of water and electricity. The location of the factory where they are produced can also have an impact, with many factories in China use coal power energy for example. Additionally, the carbon footprint of solar must also take into account the amount carbon created through transportation from the factory to your property.

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Solar Panel Carbon Offset

The good news is solar panels don't create any further emissions once they are installed. All electricity generated by the panels are emission free. So, the question becomes do solar panels offset CO2 created in their manufacture well enough to be green? The answer is YES. Solar-Techs have a 25-year guarantee on our solar panels, and the "carbon debt" involved in the panel manufacture is generally 1-3 years at a most, meaning the carbon you will save will outweigh the carbon in manufacture in a short space of time. Giving you at least 22 years of clean, emission free electricity in your solar panel system.

Protect the planet, protect your pocket

Solar panels aren't just a great way to help the planet and keep it healthy for our children and grandchildren, they let you do so in a way that rewards you with savings too.

Solar power is cheaper than buying energy from the grid, even before taking rising energy inflation is considered, and even before taking rising energy inflation is considered, and even with the carbon cost that goes into manufacturing a solar panel they are a much greener way of generating electricity than fossil fuels.

With the 25 year guarantee on your solar panels, you have the peace of mind of knowing that not only are your savings going to continue for a long time, but that you'll be helping the environment, and contributing to a cleaner, greener future for us all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do i need to reduce my carbon footprint?

Reducing your carbon footprint is very important in todays world. By cutting your carbon footprint it will help to slow down climate change, improve the public health, as well as boosting the worlds economy. By reducing our carbon footprint now we are set to be helping generations to come.

how can i reduce my carbon footprint?

There are many ways we can help the world by reducing our carbon footprint, one being installing solar panel and battery systems to your home. This helps to reduce the use of fossil fuels that power all of our homes each and every day.

what are the advantages of reducing my carbon footprint?

There are many advantages to cutting your carbon footprint. The main one being it will help to reduce climate change, moving the world into a brighter and cleaner place to live for generations to come.

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